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Equipment and Software financing is a great way to grow your business without significant out-of-pocket expenses and with better value, convenience and control. Finance from the leaders -- 3D Leasing Corp! Complete the form to the right or call us at 610.565.2767.

We not only have great rates and provide exceptional service-- we have years of experience financing equipment and Software used for Metrology, Manufacturing, and Engineering applications. We can finance ALL of the equipment you need, whether it's a new 3D scanner, CAD software, machine tools, computers and more-- we'll help you continue growing your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Finance Your Equipment and Software with 3D Leasing Corp.?

3D Leasing Corp. is the solution to all your equipment and software financing needs. With our financing experience in the areas of Metrology, Manufacturing and Engineering we are more than just a leasing and financing company, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with top-notch financing and an understanding of their business needs. For over 20 years we've provided customers:

  • 100% Financing
  • Competitive Leasing Rates
  • Financing of ALL types of Equipment and Software
  • Exceptional Service
  • Knowledge and Experience in fields Metrology, Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Flexible Payment Schedules / Buy-out of Equipment Available
What is Leasing & Financing?
A lease is a contract where one party (Lessor) allows another (Lessee) the exclusive right to use and possess its equipment for a specific period of time. The contract obligates the Lessee to make periodic payments, or rentals, to the Lessor for the use of the equipment. A lease utilized as a source of financing is usually a long-term agreement that is non-canceled. The Lessee is responsible for all peripheral costs associated with the use and maintenance of the leased equipment, including such things as taxes and insurance, during the term of the lease. At the end of the lease term, the Lessee has the option to purchase the equipment.
What are the Advantages of Leasing?

Improved cash flow and working capital
Your valuable capital is preserved by an equipment finance, capital can then be used for many other company uses (increasing inventories, expanding sales, etc.). The average return on capital in business is 18% after taxes.

Value of your money
Payments are fixed and unaffected by rumblings in the economy or the market. More of the cash flow, especially the option to purchase the equipment, occurs later in the lease term when inflation makes dollars cheaper.

Convenience and flexibility
You get your equipment faster and begin to generate revenue sooner. Since this does not require a down payment, it is equivalent to 100% financing. That means that you will have more money to invest in revenue generating activities.

Tax advantages
Certain finance structures may allow a company to deduct a 100% of an equipment lease where normally only the interest portion of bank financing would be eligible.

More choices, more equipment, lower costs
With a lease, you can specify the manufacturer, the model number, even the source. You're covered by all conventional manufacturers' warranties. And because lease payments are usually lower than other forms of financing, your leasing dollar allows you to acquire more of the equipment your business needs.

Keeping your equipment up-to-date
When you finance, you're never tied to outdated equipment or software. You have complete flexibility in end-of-finance options: You can purchase it, refinance it, or simply return it. Maintain the most current equipment available by replacing obsolete equipment periodically.

Why Do Companies Lease Equipment?
Many companies utilize equipment financing because financing represents the best use of their financial resources. A client which does not finance operates at a competitive disadvantage. A company would deny themselves the productivity-enhancing benefit of better equipment which they could otherwise obtain, operate with older equipment than they could otherwise afford and ultimately lose the ability to compete, having higher costs and lower productivity than better-equipped operations.
How Can I Learn More?
Fill out the form to the right and we'll get right back to you with answers to your questions and a detailed quote to get you started financing your next piece of equipment. Contact us today!
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